Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ryanair - Put the fun back into flying!

Ryanair have posted this image on their website exclaiming 'Put the fun back into flying!'

I find this quite amusing as it is true what Cory Doctorow says on his blog (BoingBoing.net). What would happen if a few terrorists jammed some explosives into their body cavities???

I am in full support of Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary threat to sue the government - it is utterly ridiculous that these measures have been put in place. They have removed a little more of our freedoms which is partially giving in to terrorism. To have John Reid MP on one side stating you cannot be dictated to by terrorists - yet on the other blatently giving in shows just how two faced a government can be!

Whilst I wouldn't normally post things like this on my blog - I'm fairly sure given the limited supplies you are now allowed on board someone could still cause some damage - think about what the water in the on-board toilet combined with the Li-Ion battery in your iPod/Camera/Phone can do...

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