Friday, August 25, 2006

PIN Busting Part II

I refer to an earlier posting of mine where I tried out a technique to work out the PIN from a 'Hydalam' PIN mailer. These are the PIN advisory letters you get when you receive a new card from your bank. My credit card was subject to fraudulent activity so my wife and I both received new cards and a PIN reminder.

With a high resolution scan (9600 DPI) and 16 bit greyscale scan of the letter - it took me 5 minutes in photoshop to obtain my wife's full PIN without any tampering of the letter (I didn't try mine because the bank never changed the PINs so I'd know what it was). Unlike my last attempt where I got 2 numbers wrong - this time it was totally obvious what all four numbers were!

Suggest you change your PINs folks! Only if your letters been opened that is... Next time I might try through the envelope.....

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