Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lidl and Air Berlin Team up (for a week)

Just read this article on the BBC News about Lidl selling low cost flights to Europe from Air Belin within it's stores! They'll be selling vouchers that cost £19 which can be exchanged for a £69 flight from Glasgow, Stansted, Manchester, Belfast and Bournemouth to many destinations in Europe!!

I don't agree with Dr Jonathan Reynolds (who is a director of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management and a Fellow in Retail Marketing at Templeton College, Oxford University):

It's a really positive development and makes low cost airline travel more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

We shop at Lidl on a weekly basis, yet also afford to fly quite regularly, even saving BA miles as members of BA's Executive Club. I think it's about time people starting shedding their preconceptions of Lidl has a 'low cost' food store and realise how good the quality of their food is.

Ending my rant though. I think this is great! Not quite sure if we'll take advantage of it though as we're not planning for any holidays in the next 6 months.

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