Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Continuing the theme of Air Travel...

Just read this article on the BBC about a drunk passenger on a flight from Dubai to Glasgow who was shouting and swearing onboard the flight and later claimed he was a terrorist - after he had landed at Glasgow.

As a result of this incident Sheriff Spy is quoted:
It seems to me that the question of alcohol in-flight is an issue which needs to be addressed in the current climate

This is utterly ridiculous, one man gets drunk and the other thousands of passengers who fly every day could lose their 'drinks privileges'. I quite enjoy a drink or two in flight and in fact my last flight our Steward mixed my wife and I up some Sangria because they didn't have any Spanish wine onboard!!

The government is already doing a pretty good job of making flying as mundane as possible - I no longer know if I'm even allowed my iPod onboard my easyjet flight in two weeks... now this jobsworth wants to make it worse!

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Ian Thorpe said...

Oh-ho, you can be complacent my lad but you will be glad of officialdom's paranoia when you learn people with suspicious looking beards are drinking nitro-gylcerine and smuggling it onto aircraft in their bladders.