Friday, August 25, 2006

Apple Recalls Batteries

Originally read this on TUAW last night (Apple Recalls 1.1 million batteries). The TUAW story linked to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Press Release which listed the effected serial numbers. I found out my Wife's iBook's battery is one of those affected.

I couldn't get onto the support site last night, but first thing this morning I was able to. After adding the computer serial number and battery I was informed that both were elligible for a replacement battery - off to the next screen where I typed in my address details.

It should take about 4 to 6 weeks to get the replacement battery and once I do, I use the same packaging to send them the old battery using their pre-printed label!

I don't know what the Dell replacement battery experience is like - but certainly Apple's was as easy as it's software!! Mustn't leave good feedback tho' till it arrives - which is a while away at 4 to 6 weeks... I'll update when we get it!

Link to Apple's Battery Exchange Program

In relation to my previous blog entry - I'd better not take this iBook onboard a plane :)

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