Wednesday, June 21, 2006

iPod Camera Connector with Memory Card Reader

I've been using Apple's iPod Camera Connector to transfer photos from my Canon EOS 300d camera and have been frustrated by the lack of speed of the transfer and the fact that a 1GB transfer kills the iPod battery before it's finished. I hoped that my memory card reader - a USB 2.0 generic memory card reader from Target in the States connects, but the iPod doesn't recognise any cards plugged in.

After much searching on the web, I found a list of compatible card readers cobbled together by a group of people trying readers out at random. Unfortunately it isn't clear how fast any of these devices are and this irritated me little as the best one I could find was a Belkin Card Reader (F5U249) on at £20. Even eBay was £20...

So I thought I'd just splash out and get one just to see if there was an improvement - even if it meant being able to use my camera whilst the images were downloading I thought it was worthwhile.

My first test was 108MB worth of images (71 photos) which I transferred from the Camera to the iPod using the Canon provided USB cable, the next test was using the same data on the same memory card, but this time from the Belkin memory card reader. Thankfully the Belkin was a clear winner in speed - saving seven minutes transfer time. The full times are below:

108MB (71 Photos)

  • From Camera - 12 mins 24 seconds

  • From Reader - 5 mins 24 seconds

Clearly the Belkin isn't operating at USB 2.0 speeds with the iPod, but most importantly, it's quicker.

Hope someone finds these stats quite useful as it would have definitely sold it for me if I'd known before.

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