Friday, June 23, 2006

Frauded kids get to see England

I can't help but disagree with this. I am fairly sure that if I'd booked my tickets, flew out and discovered that I couldn't get to see a match, the most I would get back is the cost of the football match tickets. My travel insurance and credit card company would probably cover some of my costs.

I don't see why the government should step in with Fifa and BA to bail these kids out. I say let them experience the real world for once rather than strapping them into a pocket of improbability.

This would only be fair if the government decides to treat every person who has been frauded.

I can't help but think they wouldn't have done this if England hadn't gotten through. It wouldn't surprise me if they even get to meet the team and 'hang out with them' in Baden Baden.

Really the government doesn't give a rats ass about who goes to the football matches - this is all just some 'good PR'. The cameras will be all over the kids at the matches with the team and David Beckham and they'll have good fun, the best day of their lives, etc - and Tony Blair will reap the benefits of being a 'good guy'.

Absolutely pathetic.

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