Monday, June 05, 2006

FIFA World Cup Clip

I'm not a fan of football at all. In all honesty I really can't see the attraction - but many people can't see the attraction in Formula 1 motor racing so I'm not one to judge. However it is amazing how rampant football fever can spread across the country. My parents-in-law have just arrived back from Bristol and were talking about how 30% of the cars have England flags draped across their cars - amazing stuff!

It also must make Lawyer companies a lot of money as one in particular has sent a pre-emptive cease and desist letter to one of my favourite blog sites, Boing Boing. The company (Baker & McKenzie LLP) has warned many sites including Boing Boing that they will be monitoring their websites to ensure that no FIFA World Clips get posted illegally - there is no chance of that happening as Boing Boing's post about the cease and desist letter states. In fact the editors at Boing Boing would rather stream a video clip of an unfolding napkin over a football clip. So, here we go then with the retort courtesy of youtube!!

FIFA World Cup Video Clip
Boing Boing exciting video post

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