Monday, May 29, 2006

Running iPhoto in Rosetta

I've just got my new iMac all set up just the way I like, except 1 thing... I use a plugin called iPhoto Keyword Assistant to tag all the photos I put into iPhoto. Unfortunately the maintainer still hasn't updated his plugin to a universal application so it will not run using the intel version of iPhoto. However I couldn't find a flag to tell iPhoto to open using Rosetta which would enable the plugin to run.

I found a fix courtesy of a number of searches on Google...

Open applications and select iPhoto, view the package contents and find the info.plist file, make a backup of this file on the desktop. You'll find an entry within this file as follows:


Delete this entry within the iPhoto package and save the file. Then go back to the applications folder and duplicate the iPhoto application. Call the duplicate 'iPhoto Rosetta' or something similar. Now if you 'get info' the 'iPhoto Rosetta' application and you should see the option to 'Open using Rosetta' check this and close the info box. Now open the original iPhoto application contents and copy the original info.plist file back into iPhoto.

You should now have two versions of iPhoto - one that runs in PowerPC mode and another running in native mode!

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