Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kennedy Space Centre

After arriving in Orlando on Sunday night I had an opportunity to spend Monday doing anything I liked around the area. So I opted to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. I went for the "Maximum Access" pass which allowed me on a bus tour which went much closer than the normal space centre tours. We were driven right up to the fence of the two LC39 launchpads, view the Shuttle landing runway and were allowed to walk about at the foot of the massive NASA Vehicle Assembly Building. The pass was valid for two days and also allowed access to the Astronaut museum just outside the KSC Visitor Centre.

Two days is a must, I could only visit for the Monday and missed many of the exhibits they had including the IMAX movies, the rocket garden tour and some of the other exhibits at the visitor centre. I also was unable to visit the Astronaut museum.

However, as the Flickr! set I've created shows - there was plenty to see in just one day! I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this trip and next time I'm in Florida with my wife we'll be going for two days!

Link to Kennedy Space Centre Flickr! Set

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