Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I've just finished tagging and uploading the photos I took on my recent trip to Florida. This time I went via Iceland so I can add a new country to my visited countries list. The company I flew with was Icelandair which is quite a nice airline, but they offer something very cool (well actually quite warm) for those flying from Glasgow on their way to the US.

The normal stopover from Glasgow to the US is about 4.5 hours in Keflavik airport, so they give those passengers the option of a free tour to either the Blue Lagoon (a nearby geothermal spa) or a whale watching tour if travelling during the summer. I didn't know what to expect at the Blue Lagoon, but it was amazing. I never took a dip as I hadn't packed a swimming costume (it was a business trip after all), but I did wander around the pool which was an awesome blue colour. Even more so that the sky and the pool actually looked tropical! If you look at the photos it's hard to believe that in the 1 hour I was there, it rained, hailed and blew gale force winds all at a temperature barely above zero!!

Link to the Blue Lagoon Flickr! Set

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