Monday, May 29, 2006

Running iPhoto in Rosetta

I've just got my new iMac all set up just the way I like, except 1 thing... I use a plugin called iPhoto Keyword Assistant to tag all the photos I put into iPhoto. Unfortunately the maintainer still hasn't updated his plugin to a universal application so it will not run using the intel version of iPhoto. However I couldn't find a flag to tell iPhoto to open using Rosetta which would enable the plugin to run.

I found a fix courtesy of a number of searches on Google...

Open applications and select iPhoto, view the package contents and find the info.plist file, make a backup of this file on the desktop. You'll find an entry within this file as follows:


Delete this entry within the iPhoto package and save the file. Then go back to the applications folder and duplicate the iPhoto application. Call the duplicate 'iPhoto Rosetta' or something similar. Now if you 'get info' the 'iPhoto Rosetta' application and you should see the option to 'Open using Rosetta' check this and close the info box. Now open the original iPhoto application contents and copy the original info.plist file back into iPhoto.

You should now have two versions of iPhoto - one that runs in PowerPC mode and another running in native mode!

Photo Mosaic

I found this posting on the digital photography weblog of a fractal type animation which starts with a single photograph made up of hundreds of smaller photographs - you can zoom in on this ad infinitum as each of the smaller mosaics are also made up of the same batch of photographs.

Quite a neat post!

Link to digital photography blog posting
Link to photo mosaic

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Castle Guantanamo Bay (Wolfenstein)

Boing Boing has a post about a mod called Wolfengitmo for the original Wolfenstein which converts it into a Guantanamo Bay style arena. Instead of posters of Hitler and flags of the Nazi Swastika the prison is donned with flags of the United States of American and photos of George Dubya.

Not really playable as each player is bound from the start (so no punching) and no weapons - all you can do is run about collecting crosses and medpacks whilst being shot at from US Marines and mauled by guard dogs...

The original article has some of the screenshots and I like the touch of the health meter down the bottom having a bag over his head!!

Link to original article

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

64007 Wine Suggestion

Hardys are providing a text service in the UK to suggest types of wine with foods. Apparently only 1 in 10 people in the UK are confident suggesting a wine with their meal.

If you send the name of the meal such as "Red Thai Chicken Curry", hardys text system will automatically reply and suggest a suitable wine, it looks for keywords in your meal and rates them accordingly, for example chicken and chicken curry will have different wines and rates curry more important than chicken.

I've got a few wine books and I know for certain "Donner Kebab" is not in their combination examples, so I tried it as a test and received a suggestion of "Hardys VR Sauvignon Blanc" (and a request to drink responsibly). Quite impressive, although, I'm not intending to eat a kebab tonight with a nice bottle of white!!

You need to send your date of birth after your meal as this is to avoid people under the age of 18 using the service.

The number to text to is 64007.

Kennedy Space Centre

After arriving in Orlando on Sunday night I had an opportunity to spend Monday doing anything I liked around the area. So I opted to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. I went for the "Maximum Access" pass which allowed me on a bus tour which went much closer than the normal space centre tours. We were driven right up to the fence of the two LC39 launchpads, view the Shuttle landing runway and were allowed to walk about at the foot of the massive NASA Vehicle Assembly Building. The pass was valid for two days and also allowed access to the Astronaut museum just outside the KSC Visitor Centre.

Two days is a must, I could only visit for the Monday and missed many of the exhibits they had including the IMAX movies, the rocket garden tour and some of the other exhibits at the visitor centre. I also was unable to visit the Astronaut museum.

However, as the Flickr! set I've created shows - there was plenty to see in just one day! I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this trip and next time I'm in Florida with my wife we'll be going for two days!

Link to Kennedy Space Centre Flickr! Set


I've just finished tagging and uploading the photos I took on my recent trip to Florida. This time I went via Iceland so I can add a new country to my visited countries list. The company I flew with was Icelandair which is quite a nice airline, but they offer something very cool (well actually quite warm) for those flying from Glasgow on their way to the US.

The normal stopover from Glasgow to the US is about 4.5 hours in Keflavik airport, so they give those passengers the option of a free tour to either the Blue Lagoon (a nearby geothermal spa) or a whale watching tour if travelling during the summer. I didn't know what to expect at the Blue Lagoon, but it was amazing. I never took a dip as I hadn't packed a swimming costume (it was a business trip after all), but I did wander around the pool which was an awesome blue colour. Even more so that the sky and the pool actually looked tropical! If you look at the photos it's hard to believe that in the 1 hour I was there, it rained, hailed and blew gale force winds all at a temperature barely above zero!!

Link to the Blue Lagoon Flickr! Set

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fastest Electric Car

Keeping with the Global Warming theme for today... Engadget has a post about the Writespeed X1 which is the worlds fastest electric car. It beats many of it's petrol counterparts including a Ferrari 360 Spyder and Porsche Carrera GT in a 0-60 drag race. It costs about $100,000 (£60,000) which isn't too bad relative to the Ferrari's £60k to £100k price tag.

Google Maps Hack to Show Sea Level Rises

Originally found this link on a posting on BoingBoing. It is an interactive map which shows you how what your countryside could look like with a selection of sea level rises from 1m to 14m. The image here shows central Glasgow with a sea level rise of 14m - it would seem I'm safe!

Neat site to have a look at!

Link to Glasgow at 14m depth

Monday, May 08, 2006

£1m Chip and PIN fraud discovered

As expected and predicted before the introduction of Chip and Pin, customers would be lulled into a false sense of security and be quite happy punching in their PIN number anywhere when requested. This is just what happened at Shell stations throughout the country!

Criminals posing as technicians are thought to have hidden devices that captured bank details and personal identification numbers (pins) in till terminals.

The customer hands over their card and it is swiped to obtain a copy of the magnetic data and then the customer is requested to enter their PIN. Once a new card has been created it may be used at any cash machine in the country - this should enable the criminals to obtain perhaps £500 a day from each card!

Cash machines can read either the Chip or the magnetic strip, but since many cards - mainly overseas cards - do not have a chip, they must be able to 'fall back' onto reading the strip.

My advice, only enter your PIN when your card has been inserted into a Chip reader, not when swiped by the cashier - or taken out of view.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

GPL 'Rip Off'

The linked discussion talks about a program for PalmOS which is GPLed (GNU General Public Licence) called PalmPDF. This is a modified version of XPDF and allows viewing of PDF files on Palm devices without Adobe's free client or Documents-to-Go.

The software is provided (for free) in source and binary forms on the author's homepage, however, recently someone based in Hong Kong has listed the program on Handango for $50. The author is quite miffed that someone else is benefitting financially, but according to the GPL - this is entirely allowed. In fact it would seem the GPL actively encourages this!! Many of the comments have suggested the author should have used a different licence and I agree.

The purpose of the GPL is free as in speech, not as in beer. The author could always sell it themselves but has chosen not to. Therefore someone (or many others) could choose to do so.

Link to the Free as in beer/speech version
Link to the Free as in speech version

Of course, the reseller (behind) Handango must provide the sourcecode on request and a licence with each sell to ensure they are above board with the GPL...