Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Online Instant Play Games

I've just found out that some of the instant play games on the National Lottery's website which allow a choice to be made, don't in fact allow that choice. These games are a complete illusion and it does not matter in which order you choose to do things, the National Lottery's computer has already decided whether your ticket will win or not and what order numbers will appear in, regardless of your choice.

I discovered this by playing "Su-dosh-ku" and quitting the game before clicking "continue" at the end as I had realised I couldn't win anything. When I logged back in I could play the game again, thinking that this time I could play a different series of buttons so I could possibly win. I noticed that no matter how many times I played the game and no matter what buttons I played, the numbers were ALWAYS in the same order - 3,7,5,2,6,8. On the first attempt every button is a 3, second attempt every button is a 7 and so on.

Just in case you decide to play one of these "choice" games, it doesn't matter what choices you make, your fate has already been decided!!

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