Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Online Instant Play Games

I've just found out that some of the instant play games on the National Lottery's website which allow a choice to be made, don't in fact allow that choice. These games are a complete illusion and it does not matter in which order you choose to do things, the National Lottery's computer has already decided whether your ticket will win or not and what order numbers will appear in, regardless of your choice.

I discovered this by playing "Su-dosh-ku" and quitting the game before clicking "continue" at the end as I had realised I couldn't win anything. When I logged back in I could play the game again, thinking that this time I could play a different series of buttons so I could possibly win. I noticed that no matter how many times I played the game and no matter what buttons I played, the numbers were ALWAYS in the same order - 3,7,5,2,6,8. On the first attempt every button is a 3, second attempt every button is a 7 and so on.

Just in case you decide to play one of these "choice" games, it doesn't matter what choices you make, your fate has already been decided!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fun Lidl Game

Jumping Rabbit is a fun online flash game from Lidl's website - discovered by my wife, it is somewhat addictive...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Chip and PIN, What a saving....

Computing is reporting that UK Banks have saved £60m in the last year due to the introduction of Chip and PIN. I've heard reports that UK fraud is approximately £500m per year and it will cost approximately £1bn to introduce the technology. Therefore my calculations suggest it should take about 15 years to recoup the cost of introducing Chip and PIN. To be fair, the actual saving should be slightly more since Chip and PIN was only made mandatory from 14th February, but with online and CNP (Cardholder Not Present) fraud increasing 21 percent from £151m to £183m during the same period it seems unlikely the costs will be recouped within a decade!

I'm fairly sure fraudsters will think of something weird and wonderfully new to take our money during this period of time, so my question is - is it worth it?

Personally I don't like the idea of typing my private number in front of the person hurriedly pushing his way to the front of the checkouts at Morrisons. So I don't think it was worth it!

Slashdot's Gone Pink

Clearly the editors at Slashdot have been overwhelmed by the "cuteness" of the images at Cute Overload... All of their stories are using a pink stylesheet and have OMG Ponies in the header...

Cute overload have responded to the /. effect by posting a "cute" picture of the Slashdot readers taken at an IBM stand - which to be fair is nothing in comparison to the small Pony posting shortly after!!!