Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Visit to Yen's Teppanyaki Restaurant

Yen Teppanyaki - 24
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Over the weekend I went along to Yen at the North Rotunda in Glasgow. It was the same place I held my Stag party, but this time we went to the Teppenyaki restaurant downstairs. You are treated to an eight course meal which was very tasty and quite filling! You can choose two of the main courses - I opted for King Prawns and the Chicken, but there are quite a few different choices available on their menu, they'll let you choose your own combinations if you'd prefer.

The chef puts on a great show which was great fun to watch and he also let me know when he was going to do anything spectacular before hand so I could get my camera ready which was good of him!!

I've put my still photos online on Flickr! I've yet to work out where I can put the videos I also created...

Thoroughly enjoyable experience - I'd recommend this place!

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