Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stuck in the middle with you...

Very interesting opinion article in today's Daily Telegraph

I had to pay £13 today for a prescription. Just after, I heard how one of my father-in-laws work colleagues (who is fully employed) was complaining about the fact he only gets two free sets of glasses a year from the NHS because of his benefits.

The article written by Alice Thomson was on today's Daily Telegraph Podcast and is a good read - so long as you're not rich or on benefits...

But those in the middle have to think before they procreate. How can they afford to have a second child, pay off the mortgage and save up for their pensions unless both parents work? Even if they manage to pay for the childcare and the ballet lessons, they will have to help with the university tuition fees (now £3,000 a year).

Link to the original Daily Telegraph Article.

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