Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pirated DVD Advert

I purchased a DVD last night at Costco (Ocean's Twelve), not seen it yet and it was only £5 so I thought that was quite good!

The first thing that fell out after opening was the above leaflet telling me (below) not to purchase a pirated DVD... Before the movie starts I was also subjected to a five minute advert on why pirating is bad placing it on a par with stealing a car! I couldn't skip forward or back during the advert so I had to watch it...

I think a better tactic would be a thankyou note showering me in thanks for purchasing the DVD after the release date and not pirating it off the 'net. Not one forcing me to bin a paper advert, write a blog post and waste 5 minutes of my time.

It all just makes me want to buy another...

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