Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lost and Found Camera...

A lady on holiday in the US recently lost her Camera in Hawaii and reported it to the local Park Ranger. After returning home the Park Ranger called giving her the name and number of somebody who claims to have found her camera!

She called the number and identified the camera down to spare batteries, case and memory cards. However the person at the other end decided not to return the camera!! Apparently their nine year old son likes the camera so much they don't want to take it from him... "he was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and he's now convinced he has bad luck" so they don't want to give him more bad luck by taking the camera from him! To add salt to the wound they "had to spend a lot of money to get a charger and a memory card"!!

As far as I remember diabetes is far from a fatal disease, but a mere condition which people can quite happily live with for the whole of their lives - I don't see how teaching your kid that stealing is good and "finders keepers" balances this out.

The linked blog has all sorts of comments about whether she should name and shame the thieving couple.

It would seem the police won't do much in this case because it is between the US and Canada, so I think media attention and blog attention will be far more useful. I wouldn't post a name, but I would post a town the thieves live in, describe the camera in detail and contact their local press - get them to run a story on it.


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I saw this too. Amazing lack of moral sense, is it not?