Thursday, January 26, 2006

iSkin evo3

The linked poster seemed to give the iSkin a really bad review and I totally disagree with him. I got my iPod whilst in the states and I have to admit, Apple did a poor job finishing the iPod - it looks great, but is unbelievably easy to scratch - I hardly used it while on holiday and before I got back, had two small scratches on the screen!! So I had a good look around and decided to go for the iSkin evo3 (from Whilst it is a little chunky adding around 4mm to the front of the iPod, it does protect the entire unit (including the screen) and the cover feels quite nice - as one poster put it, not too much friction when putting it in your pocket.

I have taken the iPod out of the case once to show off the iPod to a few people that hadn't seen the new iPod and unfortunately I did get a buttload of dust in it... But it's cleanable anyway so what's the problem? Just make sure the iPod is clean before you put it in!

The posters main gripe seems to be the hold button - Whilst it is tricky, it isn't impossible - my finger nail (just) fits in to flick it off and on. But, I've rarely used the hold button - the front cover is 4mm away from the click wheel so unless you store the iPod poorly nothing should really touch the dial to switch it on! Even then, if you unplug your earphones (a good idea so you don't break the plug or socket) the unit won't ever unpause and will go back to sleep after a few seconds...

I totally recommend this cover to safeguard your iPod. I've got the white iPod and a clear iSkin and I think the whole thing still looks really good!

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