Saturday, December 10, 2005

So we'll foot the bill then.

It would seem that Scotland hosting the G8 Summit cost the people earning in Scotland £52million which works out at about £10 per person.

Tony Blair decided to host the G8 Summit at Gleneagles because of it's secluded location. However the policing operation has cost Scotland £72m - only £20m of that is to be met by the UK treasury - the Scottish Executive (funded by the Scottish tax payers and residents) has to meet the rest - note the Scottish Executive doesn't receive income from the North Sea oil rigs. The treasury's £20m will cost the UK population (pop. 60m) only 33p each (including those in Scotland).

How can it be possibly fair for the Tony Blair to make a decision affecting the whole of the UK (and G8 members) which costs those living and earning in Scotland (pop. 5m) £10.33 each and those in other areas of the UK only 33p!!! I'm fairly certain that if the G8 summit were to be held in England, the treasury would have met all the costs.

Yet another ridiculous way this Labour government have managed to stealth tax us.

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