Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Whilst I had my Suzuki in England I took advantage of some of the local greenlaning on offer in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. Any lanes I drove down I took note of and have listed them here with a description of the lane and a scoring. If you enjoy any of the lanes don't forget to drop me an email and tell me what you thought!

Aldwincle (BOAT) [TL000833][SP988809]

Takes about 20 minutes to complete, can get very muddy and narrow. I thoroughly enjoyed this road!!

Clay Dick Track (Roman Road) (WL) [SP717972] [SP742948]

Very Good, features a ford and a surreal crossroad with another green lane complete with signpost, not suitable when wet. Be careful of deep ruts.

Faxton (BOAT) [SP772757] [SP793753]

Enjoyed this one, both rivers have been bridged. Not particularly muddy or rutted. Took about 20 minutes. Make sure you follow the OS map carefully after the second field before Faxton. Go left, otherwise you end up on a private drive - Need to go around trees and through field.

Chestnuts Farm (UCR) [SP783996] [SP804984]

Easy road, not well marked. Follow path past triangulation point and through farm. I have checked with the council and they have told me I may drive on this.

Thorpe Langton (UCR) [SP743930] [SP737947]

Starts off at a river - don't do this after floods, can get very deep! Finishes at a road, go straight over to go onto another (Stonton Wyville).

Stonton Wyville (UCR) [SP736955]

Pretty easy, no grass, but meets up at the crossroads of Clay Dick Track!

Hallaton Wood (BOAT) [SP763976] [SP765983]

Well marked, fairly easy.

Horninghold (BOAT) [SP804984] [SP805977]

Not marked on OS map but is OK! Easy, marked by yellow posts with red arrows.

Slawston Hill (WL) [SP785938] [SP791950]

Very bumpy shortcut. Nothing Serious.

Draughton Disused Airfield (BOAT) [SP766793] [SP776788]

Pretty boring, 5 minutes to complete, fairly flat - The old service perimeter of a disused airfield.

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