Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baillieston's Christmas Tree

As the rest of the country seems to be retracting Christmas Decorations in favour of "Holiday" Decorations. Baillieston has made a bold step forward by erecting a Christmas Tree!!

Dressed with some simple outdoor lights, it is situated on Baillieston's Main Street opposite the Lidl store and sits safely behind a couple of barriers hotwired to the local "No Entry" sign.

Begs the question: Is the no entry sign wonky or the tree??


Smur© said...

This is not Baillieston's first Christmas tree - by a long chalk. Before the village was annexed by Glasgow in 1975, Lanarkshire county council erected one every year at the 'Lights' and another at Calder Place/South Scott Street.

Barry said...

Thanks for the new information. I've updated the original article accordingly!