Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stag Night

After finally recovering from Saturday night, I must thank everyone who came along to make a fantastic night - In particular to my best man Colin for his work preparing it!

The restaurant was delicious and I think I'll be definitely going back! I had the Chicken Parcels and the Duck Green Thai Curry. The Green Curry was very spicy and very nice, we were informed that we musn't eat the leaves on the chicken parcels - Sam proclaimed that they must think we're stupid - "I'll eat the leaf and leave the chicken"! After the meal there was some dispute over my fortune cookie - but I think it read "Look after pigeons, some day a statue will be made of you". We don't know whether it was "out of" me... Sam thought I got the only cookie with a joke in it!!

Next up was a taxi journey into town where we couldn't get into Wetherspoons because it was so busy, Edwards didn't want a group so large inside, but In the end Bar Buddha came to the rescue and let us all in.

I don't really remember much after Bar Buddha, though I do seem to remember a sports bar and wearing a T-Shirt advertising the Tartan Army and The Proclaimers (Thanks Tom)!

Cheers everyone and see you all in three weeks!!

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