Monday, November 07, 2005

Fireworks on Glasgow Green

On Saturday I was at Glasgow Green watching Glasgow's Fireworks display. Thoroughly enjoyed what was probably Glasgow's best ever fireworks display.

I didn't bother taking my camera as traditionally they haven't been anything ultra exciting. But this was different.

The best I could get was my camera phone's video and have attached a "3GP" clip to this entry.

The organisers attempted a fully synchronised display with music and while at times it went a little out of sync (Great Balls of Fire) the rest of the display was pretty much spot on! A big surprise was the use of green low level lighting across the top of the crowd which gave a really big impact to the display.

Kudos goes to Easyjet for flying their 747 passengers ultra low over the green to give them a spectacular birds eye view of the event. I'm sure it wasn't deliberate...

Glasgow Green Fireworks Video Clip

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