Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Head and Shoulders

This is probably the most annoying catchy tune I have heard recently...

It's a flash animation of U2 singing "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes". It's not actually Bono singing, but the thing is very convincing! It turns out, the original makers ( provide all sorts of children's songs in the style of today's pop artists. Some of them are quite good - but I think this one's the best. Watch carefully and you'll see George Bush acting like an uncoordinated moron!!

Link (Direct Flash Link)

More Stag Night Photos

More photo's have been posted by Colin Anderson on his Fotopics online photo album. This requires a password - contact me and I'll let you know what it is.

Just to recap:

My photo's are on Flickr! (You need to become a flickr member and one of my contacts to view)
Tim's are also on Flickr!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow is Here

The snow arrived today at about 9am. Out of the three weather forecasts I use got it correct. It's 12 now and the snow has turned to that lovely Glasgow rain and washed all the wintery white away.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Travel Vaccination Advice

Having just received prescriptions for Louise and my vaccinations we are left in a ridiculous state of affairs caused by Baillieston Health Centre (MacGlone Practice). When Louise and I first obtained forms for holiday vaccinations we were presented with phone numbers for MASTA which suggested we contacted them to find out what injections we need. After paying up a couple of pound to get a (quite useful) health brief, I found out that in fact we didn't need to do that anyway. I handed the forms in on Monday 14th November expecting a reasonable turnaround. I asked to book appointments but was denied, with the explanation "We'll see if you need a prescription first", they asked me to contact them again the following Tuesday - whilst slightly surprised at the long delay I duly acknowledged and called back when asked.

On Tuesday 22nd I called the practice to be told THEY HADN'T EVEN LOOKED AT MY FORM YET and was told to phone back the next day. Wednesday 23rd I called and was informed I had two prescriptions to pick up and I could book an appointment with the nurse for myself in the morning, but Louise couldn't get an appointment which suited her. Their practice nurse is taking in patients from THE OTHER PRACTICE because their nurse is off sick. Result: MacGlone patients lose out.

To put salt in the wounds the receptionist I spoke to said that Louise may be able to get the injections at a MASTA clinic and copied down the numbers for me (on the prescription slip). I then went around and paid for the prescriptions and called the MASTA clinic - they explained to me that they are a private clinic and due to insurance reasons they cannot take in prescriptions. I can see MASTAs point here and the lady I spoke to was in the Glasgow Clinic and was extremely helpful. When I called the Baillieston practice back - they backtracked and said it was a miscommunication and that they knew that all along. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT CLEARER AND NOT PLACE THE PHONE NUMBER ON THE PRESCRIPTION.

The only appointments they can offer Louise is within a week of us leaving and another which Louise cannot make. When asked if a Doctor could administer the injection, I was told, only the nurse can do that, because the Doctor's haven't been on the correct training course. The practice explained to me that I should have handed the forms in 6 to 7 weeks beforehand - which I did! But, as far as the practice is concerned "We've offered two appointments, so we've done our part - it isn't entirely our fault". Ah, so it's mine then...

The Nurse telephoned me later and explained what happened - the MacGlone practice nurse was on holiday all last week, the other Nurse went sick from Wednesday so my forms weren't processed until this Tuesday. Clearly my life is put on hold whilst someone is on holiday! I was spoken to like I was stupid by the nurse and I felt quite aggravated that a professional should speak to me in a condescending manner to another adult. When asked if I could get an appointment when the other nurse is well again I was informed that there are no appointments available. I presumed that when the other nurse comes back, the MacGlone practice nurse would have a more relaxed workload and be able to squeeze in additional patients - clearly untrue.

All I can hope is that somebody reads this and changes their mind about visiting their GP for a vaccination. Do yourselves a favour and go to a MASTA clinic. I didn't ask what the prices were - but they were a damn site more helpful than the NHS.

(Venista) Not the only one...

Just found an article on the web from that reliable and resourceful sunday paper, The Sunday Mail. Around the same time I got conned by Venista, some other teenager was conned with some dating services. They got a bigger cheque than me, I must've nipped it right in the bud... I've attached the link below.

See my earlier blogs for how I dealt with it.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Christmas Spirit

As the original Engadget article quotes. "This is just sick, some people get way too into the holiday spirit."

Great christmas video anyway. I've linked to the video directly - use the Engadget link above to get the details!

Video Link

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I've been uploading quite a few of my own photographs to Flickr! recently and have just added a new Flickr! group of the photographs people took on Saturday night. You'll need to be one of my Flickr! contacts to post there.

My Flickr! ID is barry_john_williams (link to my Flickr! homepage).
My Flickr! group is called Barry's Stag Night.

Stag Night

After finally recovering from Saturday night, I must thank everyone who came along to make a fantastic night - In particular to my best man Colin for his work preparing it!

The restaurant was delicious and I think I'll be definitely going back! I had the Chicken Parcels and the Duck Green Thai Curry. The Green Curry was very spicy and very nice, we were informed that we musn't eat the leaves on the chicken parcels - Sam proclaimed that they must think we're stupid - "I'll eat the leaf and leave the chicken"! After the meal there was some dispute over my fortune cookie - but I think it read "Look after pigeons, some day a statue will be made of you". We don't know whether it was "out of" me... Sam thought I got the only cookie with a joke in it!!

Next up was a taxi journey into town where we couldn't get into Wetherspoons because it was so busy, Edwards didn't want a group so large inside, but In the end Bar Buddha came to the rescue and let us all in.

I don't really remember much after Bar Buddha, though I do seem to remember a sports bar and wearing a T-Shirt advertising the Tartan Army and The Proclaimers (Thanks Tom)!

Cheers everyone and see you all in three weeks!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Newspapers Not So Slow...

Just spotted this blog posting (originally posted on boingboing) suggesting that the newspapers are catching up with the speed of news over the internet!

Very nice piece of photoshopping anyway.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Stag Night

The final decisions have been made and we are all meeting this Saturday (12th Nov) at Coopers bar in Central Station between 4pm and 5pm. The meal has been booked for 6pm and is in Yen's Oriental Restaurant, the menu can be found here.

After the meal, the night is somewhat open - we can pretty much go to any pub. Colin's suggestion of somewhere quiet where we can all sit is a good one.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Fireworks on Glasgow Green

On Saturday I was at Glasgow Green watching Glasgow's Fireworks display. Thoroughly enjoyed what was probably Glasgow's best ever fireworks display.

I didn't bother taking my camera as traditionally they haven't been anything ultra exciting. But this was different.

The best I could get was my camera phone's video and have attached a "3GP" clip to this entry.

The organisers attempted a fully synchronised display with music and while at times it went a little out of sync (Great Balls of Fire) the rest of the display was pretty much spot on! A big surprise was the use of green low level lighting across the top of the crowd which gave a really big impact to the display.

Kudos goes to Easyjet for flying their 747 passengers ultra low over the green to give them a spectacular birds eye view of the event. I'm sure it wasn't deliberate...

Glasgow Green Fireworks Video Clip